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7 Quotes to Avoid in UCAS Midwifery Personal Statement

Preparing your midwifery application for UCAS as early as possible is a good idea because you will have ample time to complete the requirements such as your resume, official transcript of records, letters of recommendation, and the midwifery personal statement. There are no specific prerequisites for UCAS midwifery but you will be interviewed for your first year. For many applicants, putting together the documents needed to present is easy except for writing their personal statement for their chosen course. One reason behind this is that they are not really used to talking about themselves that is why they don’t really know where or how to begin their paper.

Importance of Personal Statement for UCAS Midwifery Application

The personal statement plays an important role in your UCAS application because it is here where you get to talk directly to the admissions committee. The admissions panel are the ones who will review your paper to determine whether you have the qualifications that they are looking for in a student or not. Yes, you may have excellent academic records and positive recommendations from former teachers but there is more to being considered for the program than these two. You will also need to show, in your own words, why you are qualified. Keep in mind that your personal statement will be your marketing tool and that it is here where you get to promote your abilities and experiences that are related to the course that you are gunning for. This means that you will have to work doubly hard to ensure that you will get noticed among the rest of the applicants. The question you should ask yourself is how will you be able to pull off the best personal statement for your application?

How to Write a Personal Statement for UCAS – Quotes to Avoid

You’ve probably checked out several UCAS personal statements already to get a clear picture of what is expected of you in this part of your application. Well, before you write yours, you need to consider how you’re going to make your statement grab the attention of your readers. Truth be told, there are countless openings that have been used time and time again so you might want to skip them if you want to hook your readers right from the start.

Here are some quotes that are best avoided when writing your personal statement for your midwifery application:

  • From a young age, I have always been interested in… Most personal statements use this opening so skip this quote and think of something else.
  • I have always been fascinated by… Another quote that is best forgotten. This has been used hundreds of times and it won’t fly when writing your statement for midwifery.
  • Midwifery is a very challenging and demanding career… Yes, this is true but you don’t have to tell your reader about it because they already know.
  • I am a student of (School name) and have been studying since… This is already evident in your resume or CV. You got to think of a better opening to your personal statement at this point.
  • Academically, I have always been a very determined and… What about outside a school setting? Are you still determined?
  • I am currently studying a Bachelor’s Degree in… Again, this information is already found in your resume.

Midwifery is a profession that I have always looked upon with… Another quote that has been used countless times already. Keep in mind that anti-plagiarism checkers can easily pick this up.

Tips to Writing Your Personal Statement

When writing your UCAS midwifery personal statement make sure that you think of a unique introduction that won’t be the same as those that are mentioned above. Be honest in your statement and make sure that your conclusion will wrap your paper nicely.

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