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ADN Program Personal Statement

What to include in your ADN program personal statement

adn programApplication to an ADN ( Associate Degree in Nursing ) program as well as to ASN program or DSN program may require writing an ADN program personal statement. Most programs have more applicants than openings, including schools that provide an online ADN program.

The importance of your personal statement increases as it may end up being the deciding factor between applicants with similar qualifications. Moreover, in many cases your personal statement is not only a deciding factor, but actually the most important one when you apply. It shows if you really see yourself in nursing, and how clear your understanding is. You should follow a certain structure, not to miss anything as it is your chance to bright and stand out!

Your ADN program personal statement should include the following information:

online adn programYour reasons for wanting to enroll in an ADN program. Be clear, do not write a lot of abstact information, but be precise.

online adn programHow you first developed your interest in the field. It is importnat to show that you did not take the decison to learn nursing on the spot.

online adn programSome of your future career goals in the field. Mention your future vision of how nursing and you are related in the future.

online adn programRelevant studies outside of regular school work. It is always good to know that an applicant is going beyond the general knowledge.

online adn programExtracurricular activities relevant to the program that demonstrate your interest, such as volunteer work.

A good personal statement will show that you have had a long time interest in the field of study, and demonstrate that interest by providing examples.

Mistakes to avoid in the ADN nursing program personal statement

There are some common mistakes that applicants consistently make in ADN nursing program personal statements. Some of the mistakes that occur most often include the following:

online adn programUsing tired out opening statements such as “For as long as I can remember” or “ Since I was a small child”. Many readers will stop as soon as they see these over used openings.

online adn programRepeating your resume and school records in the personal statement. That information is included in other documents. The personal statement should enhance, not repeat.

online adn programNot being specific. School admissions want specific answers and information that tells them about you. They don’t want general statements that could apply to any applicant. Be specific and use examples to back up what you say.

online adn programIncluding information that isn’t relevant. Everything in your personal statement should have a connection to the program.

online adn programFailure to proofread. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors indicate that you don’t have enough interest in the program to take the time to check for mistakes.

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