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Check Our Nursing School Personal Statement Examples

nursing school personal statement examplesIf you are planning on applying for a nursing school, it is important that you submit a personal statement along with your application. Personal statements give readers a glimpse of who you are as a person and it is also your chance to impress them with your skills and attitude. There are several nursing school personal statement examples to be found online which can help you draft your own statement.


Nursing School Personal Statement Example

The first time I knew I wanted to become a nurse was when I took care of my mom who was bedridden when I was at the age of 10. I became her personal nurse. I gave her her medicine, fed her, and even spent time by her bedside reading her stories and even the newspaper. She looked up to me when she was in pain and I never made her feel as if she was a burden to me. It felt right for me to be the one to take care of her and from there my passion for caring for someone who is need only grew.

During the course of my education, I excelled in subjects that were related to Science and health care. I was able to learn more about caring for patients when I applied for part-time job in a home for the aged. I was able to build good relationship with my patients and I looked after their welfare throughout my stint there. I also gained additional experience when I apprenticed in a health facility for children. This was tougher for me because of the demands of our patients but I was able to accomplish my tasks and more.

Caring for the sick and the needy is not an easy task but it is something that I learned to love ever since I was little. Taking up nursing is definitely a choice I wanted to make and excel at and one that I wish to broaden in your good school. I know I am suited for this program because of my dedication and compassion which I believe are traits that every nurse should have. I favor subjects such as Physiology and Anatomy which helped me learn more about how the body functions and how to treat it properly.

Nursing School Personal Statement Tips

Aside from reading nursing school personal statement examples, you should also consider looking for nursing school personal statement tips offered by professional writers. Our expert writers usually recommend that you be truthful in your personal statement because this is what readers expect of you. Of course, if you can’t write your thoughts very well, we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Nursing School Personal Statement Samples

If you want to read more nursing school personal statement examples see to it that you come and visit our website. You’ll find samples on our page which can help you see how our writers work when it comes to writing impressive personal statements for our clients.

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