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NP Personal Statement

Why you need a good NP personal statement

np personal statementThe role that nurses play in the field of health care has changed and grown. A NP (Nurse Practitioner) has increased areas of responsibility, larger salaries and more opportunities than a RN in the past, and this is creating more applicants interested in entering a NP program or CNS programs.

The NP personal statement is one of the application requirements and can have a significant role in the selection of applicants. Personal statements are used to gauge skills and traits that are less easily measured than academic grades or experience, and to determine the level of an applicant’s commitment.

A high level of commitment equals a greater chance of success in a program. Whether it’s an online NP program or a more traditional one, a school wants students who will reflect well on their program. A good NP personal statement as well as CRNA personal statement will demonstrate your commitment to completing the program through your responses to the following questions:

np programWhy do you want to be a NP? What are the reasons behind your decision? What initiated your interest in this area?

np programWhat skills/traits do you have that make you suitable? How fo you stand out among all the other applicants? What is special about you?

np programWhat are your future career plans in the field?

With there being an abundance of applicants, many having similar qualifications, the personal statement may be the deciding factor.

Guidelines for writing the NP personal statement

To be effective your personal statement needs to stand out from the crowd. The following guidelines can help in making your personal statement more effective:

np programTell a story. Personal anecdotes are useful in providing examples and are more interesting than a list of qualifications.

np programGet to the point quickly. If you start to stray from the point and include unnecessary information, your personal statement may not get completely read.

np programShow a connection between your past academic achievements and other experiences to the program you are applying to, and how they have prepared you. Only include relevant information.

np programProofread, revise and edit. Then proofread, revise and edit again. Polish it until you are satisfied, and let somebody you trust proofread also.

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