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Thank you so much for your help. The personal statement is great.

Elizabeth, USA

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Personal Statement for CNM Nursing Program

Personal Statement Writing for CNM Degree Programs

cnm nursing programApplicants to CNM degree programs (Certified Nurse Midwife degree programs) or DNAP programs will usually be expected to submit a personal statement along with their other requirements.

Admissions use personal statements to gauge the motivation and commitment applicants have to complete the course. Writing a statement is one of the crucial steps, which may influence massively committee’s decision.

Your  statement for a CNM nursing program as well as DNP personal statement should address the following:

cnm degree programsWhy do you want to study in a CNM program? Admissions boards want specific reasons. If you don’t provide reasons you are unlikely to be accepted.

cnm degree programsWhat qualifies you to be in the program? The school has your transcripts and resume. They are looking for traits and skills that aren’t reflected there.

cnm degree programsWhat are your career goals in the field and how does being accepted into the program directly affect them?

Some Guidelines for Writing Personal Statements for a CNM Nursing Program

Personal statements are supposed to be about you, and you can write about what you want as long as it meets the schools requirements. The following tips are meant to guide rather than as hard and fast rules:

cnm degree programsFollow instructions. It should be obvious but many applicants don’t. If the statement is supposed to be between 500 and 600 words, that is what it means. Not 300 words or 550 words.

cnm degree programsDon’t generalize. Always be specific and provide examples to back up what you say.

cnm degree programsShow how you have prepared for the program. Providing evidence of your interest that extends back over several years will help.

cnm degree programsAvoid using clichés and overused introductions. Starting with “Every since I was a child” is one way to not get your personal statement read.

cnm degree programsAvoid long statements and big words just to impress. A succinct style of writing that gets directly to the point is more impressive. Eliminate unnecessary words.

cnm degree programsProofread for mistakes. Spelling and grammatical errors will sink your application

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Getting Personal Statement Writing Help for CNM program

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