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Worst Mistakes in UCAS Midwifery Personal Statement

For those who are planning on taking up midwifery but haven’t considered what school to go to, submitting your application to UCAS is a good idea. UCAS or Universities and Colleges Admission Services can help you narrow down the schools that are offering midwifery courses so you can submit the requirements immediately.

Among the requirements that are usually asked are CV, transcript of records, letters of reference, and UCAS midwifery personal statement. You need to learn how to write a personal statement for midwifery but for many applicants, the latter is where they often end up making a lot of mistakes.

The Dos and Don’ts of Writing UCAS Midwifery Personal Statement

The personal statement for UCAS midwifery plays a role in your application because it is here where you get to tell the school why you are the best candidate for the program. Here you will have more freedom to talk about your strengths, your skills, as well as what you can contribute to the school and to society. However, just because you are given free rein to write whatever it is you have in mind, you still need to choose what information to share or risk losing the chance of making a positive impression to your readers.

Here are the dos when writing your personal statement:

  • Be honest. Honesty is crucial when writing a personal statement because it is easy for schools to do fact checking.
  • Share your reasons for becoming a midwife. The role of personal statement is to show why you want to become a midwife. Don’t be afraid to state your reasons because the admissions department would like to know why.
  • Promote yourself. You need to show your readers why you are qualified for the course which means that you need to promote yourself as much as possible. Keep in mind that your goal is to stand out so don’t hesitate to talk about your strongest points.
  • Keep it short. You don’t have to write several pages worth of personal statement when you can keep it to one and half page at least. Just get to the point when writing your paper.

Aside from the dos mentioned above, you need to be aware of the don’ts too so you will be able to avoid making them when writing your personal statement. Here are some of the worst that should be avoided at all cost:

  • Plagiarism. Copying someone else’s personal statement is the worst mistake you’ll ever make when it comes to writing your statement. Remember that schools will double check applications and it will only take them a few seconds to spot copied content.
  • Forget about research. Another huge mistake that you can do when applying for midwifery is forgetting to do research about the program being offered. Without knowing what the scope of the course is as well as what is expected of you will affect the way you write your personal statement.
  • Poor conclusion. It’s great that you have a nice intro in your personal statement and informative content but if your conclusion is not well thought out or becomes lame, the total package of your statement will fall apart.
  • Not proofreading your work. This is another mistake that you will regret for sure if you submit a personal statement riddled with errors.

Tips to Improve Your Midwife UCAS Personal Statement

Keep in mind that your personal statement for midwife is essential in your application. Without it, you might not be successful in reaching out to the admissions officer to convince them to consider you for the program. It would help if you start writing your statement months before the start of the application process so that you will have ample time to fix your work.

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