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Accelerated Nursing (ABSN) Personal Statement

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As long as you have covered the prerequisites for the degree program then an accelerated nursing course will reduce your study time significantly with most programs being around just 15 months or less in length. Applying will meaning providing them with a full pack of information including your ABSN personal statement. Writing that excellent statement, however, is not always going to be easy. Many people struggle and this is why you may want to turn to a nursing personal statement service such as ours to help you with your application documents.

absn personal statement service

For some such as Elise writing for the “Hungry Hungry Hippie” it can be a happy shock to realize that there can be a shortcut to gaining the career that they want in Nursing:

“After doing some research, I decided to pursue nursing. Since I already had a bachelor’s in bio, I discovered almost all of the prerequisite classes were taken care of, and I could apply for an accelerated nursing program.”

Places, like most other nursing programs, are highly competitive and you will find that you have to make sure that not only have you completed everything that they are looking for, you will also have to make your application really stand out. Not everyone will have the highest of grades but that does not always matter as long as you can play to your strengths. As this comment from Ann Levine about low LSAT scores demonstrates:

“Their applications played to their strengths. None of these people are superheroes. You could be one of them.”

Your accelerated nursing personal statement is often your best opportunity to really sell yourself. Well written accelerated nursing personal statement sample it can make you stand out from the many other applicants that you will be competing with for a place and will help you to gain the place that you want. Never underestimate the personal statement for nursing course applications as the committee will always be looking for far more than just good grades.

ABSN personal statement sample

Where Should You Apply for Your ABSN Program?

It is always best to select the right school if you want to give your nursing career the best starting point. Registered nursing posts and nurse practitioner jobs are fiercely fought over and having a degree from one of the better schools will help push you to the front of the queue just as for an MD. But what are the better schools and what do you need to apply to them?

When you apply you will need to do your homework. Each course will have slightly different requirements when it comes to both application documents and the prerequisites that you must complete prior to starting with them.

The following are some of the more respected accelerated nursing programs and the requirements for each:

Marymount University offers an accelerated second-degree B.S.N. that you can apply for. The following are the prerequisite units that you must have completed prior to starting with them:

Marymount accelerated nursing personal statementUniversity of Washington offers an Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing which is completed in 5 quarters taught back to back. Their course takes about half the time of the more traditional degree that they offer. The following are their requirements:

A minimum of three of the following prerequisites with a minimum grade of “B” or 3.0. In addition, you will also have to have completed 100 hours of healthcare experience either paid or unpaid in the 12 months prior to admission.

UW ABSN personal statement

New York University Rory Meyers College of Nursing provides a 15-month program that can be started either in September or January. The following are the prerequisites that must be completed within your previous degree for your NYU application. Along with your $80 application fee, you will also have to provide all of the following documents with your submission:

NYU ABSN personal statementWriting the Best ABSN Personal Statement

Your personal statement accelerated nursing program should be written in a way that is truly going to get you noticed. It needs to be unique and tailored carefully to the course that you are applying to if it is going to have any hope of getting you a place. Whether you are writing an accelerated nursing degree Florida personal statement or your NYU accelerated nursing personal statement you will have your work cut out for you.

The following tips can help you with writing your effective ABSN personal statement or admission essay:

  • Review their specific requirements with regards to the length of the statement that you must write and any prompt that must be answered. Ensure that you follow their expectations to the letter.
  • Do your homework and carefully review the websites and any other documentation that you may have to fully identify what they want to see from an applicant. This information should be reflected in your writing if your statement is to be effective.
  • Make your opening line wake them up. You have to get their attention right from those first few words and make them want to discover just what else you will share with them.
  • Don’t make unsubstantiated claims; if you have leadership skills use an example to demonstrate them and how effective they are.
  • Don’t state the obvious: your word count is limited so there is no point in wasting it telling them how much you will learn or the fact that you are applying.
  • Be relevant: only include information that they are looking for and that will help you to get selected for a place. If it will not directly help your application it should not be in your statement.
  • If you are going to do a gap year and discuss it within your personal statement ensure that you do something that is relevant and will support your application.
  • Look at a good sample personal statement for ABSN applications so that you can see just how others have applied. Do not however simply copy anything: your admission essay must be unique to you.
  • Revise and proofread your writing. Your statement must be your best writing and totally error free if you are not going to have your application overlooked.

We Can Help with Your ABSN Application

No matter which nursing school you wish to apply to you will be facing many others for a place. Our specialists can help you with writing a personal statement for ABSN applications that will be outstanding. Each has a relevant nursing degree to your application and a full understanding of just how your personal statement for accelerated nursing program needs to be written and what areas should be covered. All writing is done with you through direct communication with our experts to ensure that it is perfectly focused and also unique to you. It will be proofread and delivered to you on time with a plagiarism report to confirm that it is original.

Get in touch with our expert services here to help make your application a success with help writing that perfect ABSN personal statement to get you noticed!