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Answering the Question “Why Do I Want to Be a Midwife”

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How to Become a Midwife

Why I Want to Be a MidwifeMidwives are specialists in pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and well-woman health care. As a professional in midwifery, they may also provide primary care related to reproductive health which could include gynecological exams, family planning, and menopausal care. In both the U.K and the U.S. a license is required to practice as a midwife.

Getting into midwife training courses is extremely competitive in both the U.K and the U.S. with some programs having as many as 1000 applicants for 30 openings in some schools. With it being so hard to get into programs, applicants should ask themselves “Why do I want to be a midwife?” to be sure it’s what they really want.

The qualifications to be a midwife in the United States are:

why do i want to be a midwifeCertified nurse-midwives: Certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) are Registered Nurses who have also completed an approved midwifery education program accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Midwifery Education (ACME). Nurses who enter a program are usually required to have a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing, as opposed to a two-year degree.

reasons to be a midwifeCertified professional midwives/Certified midwives: Those with a Bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing who have the required basic health courses can attend the same program as the RNs but will be a certified midwife. Certified midwives (CMs) are only allowed to practice in a few states, so be sure to consider your further career path before getting the course.

writing why i want to be a midwife personal statement

In addition to the academic requirements, CNM’s and CM’s must pass AMCB (American Midwifery Certification Board) examinations to be licensed. In Great Britain there is one Registered Midwife title that can be gained in one of two ways:

midwifery personal statementPreregistration Midwifery short program: Adult nurses who wish to undertake an additional program of education can take a 78-week full-time course to be a registered midwife.

personal statement midwifeThree year (156 weeks) midwife course: Requirements vary from school to school but a minimum of 2 A level is required. This is one of the popular courses among nurses.

Can You Address the Question “Why Do I Want to Be a Midwife?”

Entry into midwife programs is very competitive, and there will be many well-qualified applicants. When reviewing applications for a midwife program, admissions will look at the following:

  • Academic requirements: In the U.S. that means a Bachelor’s degree. In the U.K. application is made through UCAS although each school has their own requirements. To enter the short course you must already be a nurse. The three-year course will require at least 2 A levels.
  • Personal statement: On any personal statement the main thing admissions will want you to answer is “Why I want to be a midwife?”
  • Experience: Any work experience relevant to the course.

There are some things you can do to improve your application’s chances of being accepted. Some things to consider that may help include:

  • Attend any open evening/open day events schools have for midwifery: You have an opportunity to learn about the specific course and requirements. It will also give you the chance to meet the midwife lecturers which won’t hurt if you are able to impress them with your commitment to becoming a midwife.
  • Shadow a midwife and see what the work involves
  • Read everything you can on the topic
  • Obtaining some work experience: Try and do some volunteer work in a maternity unit or in a health or social care setting. You gain experience plus you show your commitment.
  • Perfect paperwork: Be meticulous in completing your application paperwork. A sloppy application will just get tossed aside with so many other applicants
  • Write a great personal statement: You will need to prepare a very strong midwife personal statement to highlight your personal qualities and skills that would make you a good midwife.

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You won’t be expected to be an expert but show you have done some research. The main points to cover in your midwife personal statement are:

  • Address the question “Why do I want to be a midwife?” This should be your first priority. (Don’t say because you love babies)
  • Skills and qualities you possess that make you well suited for the field
  • Your short and long-term career goals

Every little thing can help and be the one that tilts things in your favor or against you. Approach every part of the application process as if that will be the deciding factor. If you aren’t accepted but it’s something you really want, go out and get more experience. That will improve your chances for next year.

why do i want to be a midwife answer

Midwifery Personal Statement Advice

Are you in need of midwifery personal statement advice or why I want to be a midwife personal statement writing? This is not surprising given that there are applicants who appear to be clueless as to what they should write in this part of their application. Your application as a midwife isn’t just about providing potential employers with an impressive resume but you also need to put your best foot forward by attaching a compelling midwife personal statement. This is why it is best that you ask for professional help when it comes to your midwifery personal statement.

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