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Nursing Personal Statement Sample

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nursing personal statementsYour nursing personal statements could easily be argued to be the most important part of your application to nursing school. All of the other aspects of your application are lists of qualifications and grades and so forth and are unlikely to be significantly different to many of the other applicants, the nursing personal statement is the only place where you can really promote yourself and try to make yourself stand out from the many other applicants for those places.

What Needs to Be in Your Nursing Personal Statements?

There are only a few specific areas that you must ensure that you cover within your personal statement for nursing school. The selection committee is looking to find applicants that are:

  • Committed to nursing. You can mention some past experience, which led to your wish of studying nursing at the moment.
  • Have a clear plan. Show your clear understanding of your awareness of what this profession is about and your personal willingness.
  • Can demonstrate the right skills and temperament for nursing. You need to prove why you can be the one for nursing!
  • Can show why they want to study at their school or college.

You must ensure that your personal statement nursing covers these areas fully if you want to stand any possibility of selection over the other applicants.

writing nursing personal statement sample

How to Write Your Nursing Personal Statements

Your personal statement for nursing school needs to be carefully written in a compelling fashion if you want to impress. You need to open with a story that is able to engage the reader and draw them fully into your nurse personal statement. You need to maintain your opening theme throughout to maintain their interest and keep them reading through to the end.

The personal statement for nursing school is also something that should never just list out what you have included within your CV or within other lists of results and qualifications. They do not want to hear from you that you have the skills of team working and leadership, what they want you to do is use your nursing personal statements as a medium to describe exactly how you have utilized those skills effectively in your past. You have to show the committee how you will make an excellent nurse not just tell them.

Check Our Nursing Personal Statement Example

nursing personal statement sampleOur nursing personal statement sample is perfect to provide you with guidance and help with how you should write your own personal statement. Our nursing school admission essay samples also serve as a great way to show you what our writers can achieve for you should wish to have your nursing personal statement professionally written. If you want to have a statement that meets the standards of our nursing personal statement sample then get in touch. Your statement, of course, will be perfectly written and highly personalized to you rather than the generic nursing personal statement sample shown here. Your personal statement will be fully covered by our satisfaction guarantee which will ensure that your statement can be rewritten free of charge or your money returned should you be unhappy for any reason.


Here Is a Nursing Personal Statement Sample

Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner
Staring at the genial faces of the six members of the Peruvian family who welcomed me into their home, I remembered why I left my family and friends in the states. As a member of the Peace Corps, I was able to fulfill my strong desire to comfort and care for others. I joined the Peace Corps for a three-year rotation, which would expose me to the impoverished living and health conditions among the people of Peru. This experience provided me with first-hand experience in clinical care, as well as a great sense of accomplishment, knowing that I made a difference in the lives of others.

I began my experience with the Peace Corps after completing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Binghamton University. As a member of the Peace Corps, I was assigned to help improve the sterilization capabilities of a local health clinic in a rural village. Through this project, I witnessed firsthand how the clinical knowledge gained through a nursing education can greatly improve the health of a community. As a member of the Peace Corps, I was able to utilize my leadership capabilities to ensure the members of my team were constantly working to meet our goals. This experience also enhanced my independence, as I entered an unfamiliar country, leaving the comforts and security of home behind. In Peru, I also perfected my fluency in Spanish, which I feel would enhance my clinical practice in Southern Florida.

Upon my completion of the Peace Corps program, I gained an energy and zeal to further develop my nursing education. As a student in the Nurse Practitioner program at the University of Florida, I feel that I would greatly contribute to the experience of the next matriculating class. I wish to focus my training in Family Medicine, as here I feel that I can have the greatest impact on a community. I firmly believe that my past experiences and education will form a strong foundation for my career as a Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner.

We Can Write Your Nursing Personal Statement

Not be selected could effectively kill your career stone dead, our professional personal statement writing service will pair you with a highly qualified and skilled writer with a huge amount of experience in writing successful nursing personal statements. Through our service, they can gain all of the information that they need to write you a fully unique and highly personal effective personal statement for nursing.

nursing personal statements writers

Our Experts Are Qualified to Help

Writing a nursing personal statement is not a task that can be entrusted to just any writer no matter how skilled they may be. Without a full understanding of your field and requirements, they are not going to be able to provide you with effective support. We want you to be able to submit your documents confidently and we achieve this by providing you with access to some of the best staff that you will find online.

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Use this professional nursing personal statement sample and contact us for more help today!

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