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You guys did my personal statement and everyone including myself were impressed on the finished product. Thank you a lot!

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Nursing Personal Statement


nursing personal statementIf you are applying to nursing school you will be asked to provide a nursing personal statement along with all of your other qualifications and other details. It is very likely that your grades and qualifications are going to be very similar to many of the other applicants, therefore, your nursing personal statement is going to be your one and only chance to be able to tell the selection committee exactly who you are and why they should select you over anyone else.

Why Is a Nursing Personal Statement so Important?

Why your personal statement is so important and how to deliver your purpose in the correct and motivating manner at the same time? Your nursing personal statements are your only opportunity to try to make yourself stand out from those many other applicants. Your personal statement nursing is truly the only chance you have to make an impact and get yourself noticed. Without a strong and well-written nursing application personal statement, you will just blend into all of the other applicants and your place will go to one of those that have written a personal statement that makes them memorable.
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Writing Your Personal Statement for Nursing School

“There’s no set way of writing a personal statement or covering letter, nor is there a defined magic formula that works. Above all, the advice ‘Be yourself’ may be a cliché but it’s also true: let your own personality shine through and let the reader get a sense of who you are as a person, what drives you and where your passions lie. Your enthusiasm will come across, and enthusiasm is infectious. Tutors like enthusiastic students because they’re easier to teach; employers like enthusiastic employees because they’re more productive and better with customers. Let your enthusiasm for your subject rule the day, and you can’t go far wrong” Oxford Royale Academy

The nursing personal statement is something that is very difficult to write if you really want to make an impact. You have to demonstrate that you have a real love for nursing without repeating all of the well worn clichés that your competitors will use. You also have to use your skills with the English language to not just tell them why you will be such a good nurse but actually show them through your personal statements for nursing.

You have to relate the experiences that demonstrate your passions and experiences so that the selection committee can really feel your desire and ability to be a nurse through reading your personal statement for nursing school.

Our experts have written many personal statements covering most professions and learning enrollments (including UCAS nursing personal statement) and have created a list of tips to help you:

  • Make a claim about yourself: explain why you are the right person for their program. Identify the skills and accomplishments that make you a strong candidate. Be as specific as possible. Illustrate not only what you’ve done, but also why it is relevant to the program for which you’re applying.
  • Outline your statement: order your statement clearly, provide an introduction, use examples, a conclusion and transitions between paragraphs which makes it easy for your readers to understand. Each body paragraph should focus on one skill or accomplishment with examples. Begin and end strong, with specific references to the organization and what you would contribute.
  • Create a strong opening: as with any other piece of writing, you need to get your readers’ attention. A compelling personal story can be an effective beginning which can lead to a discussion of how you became interested in nursing.
  • Be specific: unique details about you will make your statement stand out. Other applicants that you’re competing with may have similar grades or work history so you need to convince the applications committee about your unique experiences or circumstances that make you the better candidate for the position.
  • Show your knowledge: you are much more than a list of accomplishments. Include any details of work you have done and any expertise you have developed, whether it’s from coursework, reading, or personal experience.
  • Edit and proofread your statement: perhaps the most essential tip is to ensure that you fully check your work for errors. Make sure your grammar, punctuation, and spelling are all correct. When you think your statement is perfect, have a friend check it again. There is no room for mistakes in your nursing personal statements.

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We Can Write Your Nurse Personal Statements

If you really want to ensure that your chances of being selected are maximized you can have your personal statement for nursing degree professionally written through our service. Our skilled writers are highly experienced in writing nursing personal statements through this very specialized service.

You can be fully assured that you are going to receive a perfectly written nurse personal statement that will be free of spelling and grammatical errors. It will also be completely unique and reflect your personal experiences and desires to be a nurse.

Our nursing personal statement writing is fully covered by our full satisfaction guarantee!