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DSN Nursing Personal Statement

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What to Know about the DSN Degree (Doctor of Science in Nursing)

A DSN nursing degree or Doctor of Science in Nursing is the ultimate research degree in nursing that is known by various names in different countries. In some countries, DSN program is recognized as DNS degree which is an abbreviation of “Doctor of Nursing Science”. Furthermore, there are some regions of the globe in which DSN degree has been changed with PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) nursing degree. Anyway, the name of degree doesn’t matter; the important thing is requirements for getting admission into DSN programs.

Being a final research degree in nursing, there is the wide scope of rapid progress for a student who completes the DSN degree and it is not strange that criteria of securing admission in this degree is also not easy. Besides many other documents, the applicant has to write a powerful and inspiring personal statement. This is only personal statement that could reveal the ambitions and intellectual ability of student in front of admission committee and prove him a perfect candidate for DSN degree.

professional dsn nursing personal statement

Writing the DSN Nursing Personal Statement

dsn nursingThe DSN degree (Doctor of Science in Nursing) is also known as a DNS ( Doctor of Nursing Science) degree, and at some institutions is awarded as a PhD. A DSN degree is researched based as opposed to a DNP which focuses on clinical practice. Those more interested in research should apply for a DSN program or its PhD equivalent.

Part of the application process will include writing a DSN nursing personal statement. It is an important part of your application process, so it is better to take it serious, not to lose your chance of being accepted. Moreover, personal statement is likely to be a deciding factor, if there are lots of applicants with similar grades.

Your personal statement should address the following questions:

  • Why do you want to pursue a DNS degree and what initiated your interest? How did this interest start to grow and what pushed you?
  • Why did you choose the particular school and program to apply to? What is special about the school and why it suits you the best?
  • What qualities do you have that suit you for the program? Why are you the one of many to be enrolled? What can you bring?
  • What future career plans do you have in the field and how does being accepted into the program affect those plans?

Admissions boards want specific answers and at this stage in your academic career, it is expected that you have a good idea what direction you want to take in your research.

Suggestions and Tips for Writing a DSN Nursing Personal Statement

The following are some tips to help you write a personal statement that creates the right kind of impression:

  • Keep in mind DSN programs are research based, for those planning research careers. Qualities that make a good researcher should be focused on more than the qualities that make a good clinical nurse.
  • Show how your past academic and employment has prepared you for the DSN program.
  • Don’t make the mistake of trying to impress admissions by using big words. Simple sentences that are easily understood will serve you better when writing your personal statement.
  • Provide examples that back up statements and claims that you make. If you state that you have a certain skill, provide an example where you have demonstrated that skill.
  • Proofread for spelling and grammatical errors. Unacceptable at the PhD level.

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