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NP Personal Statement

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Nursing Practitioner Career

People usually get confused between the registered nurse and the nursing practitioner. A nursing practitioner or NP has some additional responsibilities when compared with the RN. Generally, a NP can examine patients and diagnose illness. He can also prescribe medicine. In 20 American states, NP can work independently, without the supervision of the doctors, but in others, they work under the supervision of the doctor. The can provide 70 – 80 % healthcare facilities, which a physician can provide.

Nursing practitioner career is very challenging, as it holds a lot of responsibilities.

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Why You Need a Good NP Personal Statement

np personal statementThe role that nurses play in the field of healthcare has changed and grown. An NP (Nurse Practitioner) has increased areas of responsibility, larger salaries and more opportunities than an RN in the past, and this is creating more applicants interested in entering an NP program or CNS programs.

The NP personal statement is one of the application requirements and can have a significant role in the selection of applicants. Personal statements are used to gauge skills and traits that are less easily measured than academic grades or experience, and to determine the level of an applicant’s commitment.

A high level of commitment equals a greater chance of success in a program. Whether it’s an online NP program or a more traditional one, a school wants students who will reflect well on their program. A good NP personal statement, as well as CRNA personal statement, will demonstrate your commitment to completing the program through your responses to the following questions:

  • Why do you want to be an NP? What are the reasons behind your decision? What initiated your interest in this area?
  • What skills/traits do you have that make you suitable? How do you stand out from all the other applicants? What is special about you?
  • What are your future career plans in the field?

With there being an abundance of applicants, many having similar qualifications, the personal statement may be the deciding factor.

Guidelines for Writing the NP Personal Statement

To be effective your personal statement needs to stand out from the crowd. The following guidelines can help in making your personal statement more effective:

  • Tell a story. Personal anecdotes are useful in providing examples and are more interesting than a list of qualifications.
  • Get to the point quickly. If you start to stray from the point and include unnecessary information, your personal statement may not get completely read.
  • Filter the information. Show a connection between your past academic achievements and other experiences to the program you are applying to, and how they have prepared you. Only include relevant information.
  • Proofread, revise and edit. Then proofread, revise and edit again. Polish it until you are satisfied, and let somebody you trust proofread also.

If you are having problems writing your NP personal statement, our company provides a service that can help.

What to Include in Your Nursing Practitioner Personal Statement

NP personal statement should be written very carefully. In this era of tough competition, nurse practitioner personal statement is the only hope for the admission. Students are usually confused about the content of the personal statement NP school. Here are few points, which can help you:

  • You have to include that what was your inspiration for being NP. Mention those factors, which forced you to select this field.
  • You have to include, your future goals and targets, with reference to being NP. Express the importance of this degree in your life.
  • Include the reason of your interest in this particular institution. Why you want to join this institution and how you can contribute to make it a better place.
  • While writing nurse practitioner personal statement, mention if you have a community work or any other working experience.
  • Mention the information you have about the NP program, that will show your interest in the field.

Some Expert Advice Regarding Nurse Personal Statement Writing

Here is an expert advice for you, which will help you to write a good personal statement:

  • Don’t write a long and boring personal statement, having typical words and phrases. Every student writes almost the same. If you want to make an impression, try something new.
  • Follow the formatting and word count requirements, strictly. It’s very important to follow the rules.

Why Using Our Professional Service to Write Your NP Personal Statement?

Usually, people think that hiring professional services in useless, but actually it can solve a lot of your problems:

  • If you are confused about the content of the personal statement, our professional services can help. We have expert writers, who can write your personal statement with perfection.
  • If you have no idea about the formatting, our experts can help you. They have vast experience of writing personal statements and are well aware of famous writing styles. No matter, what is your required style, they can write personal statement according to that.
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  • When an expert will write your personal statement, it will increase your chances of getting admission, many folds.
  • For a personal statement, it’s important that it is free from all kinds of error and mistakes. Our team of editors and proofreader can help you to get a perfect personal statement.

writing nurse practitioner personal statement

Our Personal Statement Writing Service for Online NP Program

There are plenty of services offering admissions help. Take into consideration the following points before making your final choice:

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