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Nursing Admission Essay

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Getting accepted into nursing school is very difficult due to the high level of talented competitors that you will have to face. Many of the other applicants will have similar or even better qualifications than you have so how do you make yourself stand out and gain that place? The answer lies in your nursing admission essay, this is the only part of your application that allows you to sing your own praises and sell yourself as the perfect applicant for their school.

nursing personal essay may seem like a chore when you have to write it but it is one of the most important aspects of your application process. The college personal essay is the first chance that you get to tell the college why it is you should be the one accepted for one of their valuable places to study nursing. If you do not sell yourself well enough you will find that your competition will be the ones awarded in all of those places.

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The Importance of Writing a Good Nursing Application Personal Statement

Nursing admission essay just like nursing application essays is your chance to sell yourself to those making the decisions. The selection committee will read through hundreds of personal statements and if your statement is written in a way that makes your name shine out then you have a much greater chance of selection. They are far more likely to select someone who has demonstrated a clear understanding of nursing and very clear passion for it than those who have dashed off very basic and generic nursing application essays.

A personal essay is exactly that, personal. It needs to reflect your desires, your opinions, and your experiences. It also needs to demonstrate that you will make the perfect nurse through their college. Your college personal essays have to clearly demonstrate that you have the right skills and the desire to be a nurse, you need to do this through showing them the skills that you have not just telling them.

Read through any examples of successful personal essays and you will see that they do not just tell the reader that they have specific skills, they relate a story regarding situations within which they were able to use those skills. Anyone can say that they possess a skill, but it is far more effective to show that you know how to apply those skills in real life situations even if they are not specifically related to nursing.

What Should Your Nursing Admission Essay Cover?

Nursing essays for admission need to cover a variety of areas to ensure that you impress the committee with your sincere desire to follow nursing as a career as well as showing that you have all of the required skills to be able to do so. Your nursing personal essay is where you get the opportunity to tell the selection committee that you have no other desire other than to be a nurse. So your nursing admissions essay has to show:

  • What led you to want to study nursing? What initiated your interest? Show some your history related to nursing experience.
  • How has that desire changed over time? How are you developing your interest now? What are you doing to move forward?
  • Do you have the right skills and experiences? What are you the most suitable applicant? What can you bring to the profession?
  • Where do you see your career going? What are your future career plans? How are they related to nursing? How do you see yourself in the future?
  • What attracts you specifically to this college? Why is this school your first preference on the list? What can you bring?

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How to Write Your Nursing Admissions Essay

Where possible ensure that your admission essay nursing is specific to the nursing school to which you are applying. A generic nursing admissions essay is easily spotted as such and will not carry the same weight with the selections committee as one that specifically targets their school. Ensure that you do your homework on the nursing school and tailor your nursing admission essay to reflect what you learn about their school, the staff and their facilities. Ensure that what you mention is accurate.

Also, don’t just come out and tell them what skills you have that make you suited for nursing, they want you to demonstrate how you have developed those skills and used them. So don’t just say that you have leadership skills, relate a time when you had to use those skills and show what you did and what was achieved.

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Writing a Good Nursing School Application Essay

  • Your nursing school application essay need to be written in a way that engages the reader, this does not mean telling the reader a horror story about blood and guts to gain their attention as some suggest.
  • Obvious attempts to manipulate the reader are very much likely to backfire.
  • Write clearly and write well to show your personal passion for nursing and how you developed that passion.
  • Avoid any form of cliché and do not mention things that are obvious, they already know for instance that you are going to learn a lot from attending their college!

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