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Nursing Scholarship Essay


nursing scholarship essayStudying any subject can be very expensive and many of us have to search for a scholarship to help us study the course that we want. An important part of applying for nursing scholarships is your nursing scholarship essay, this is you opportunity to explain to the committee who you are and why you specifically deserve to be awarded the scholarship.

A well written scholarship personal statement should make you stand out from all of the other applicants and ensure that you are as memorable as possible to ensure the greatest chances of success.

Writing a Memorable Nursing Scholarship Essay

Scholarship essays are never easy to write, after all a huge amount rests on the success of your application; failure could mean having to give up your dreams or having to defer them for another year. It is advisable to review many scholarship essays samples so that you get to see how many other successful nursing scholarship essays have been written. However, you need to understand that your personal statement is exactly that; personal.
professional nursing scholarship essayIt needs to reflect your own experiences and aspirations rather than be something that is generic and uninspiring. The selection committee wants to see that you have the drive and ambition to see you through nursing school and apply what you learn.

To this end you need to ensure that you cover the following areas within your nursing scholarship essay:

  • Show why you want to be a nurse. You should demonstrate how you started to be interested in nursing, what the facilitators were.
  • Show that you have the required skills to succeed. The scholarship will be given to the most outstanding applicants, indeed.
  • Show that you could not progress without the scholarship. You should clearly state the reasons of your scholarship application.
  • Show that you have a clear plan beyond nursing school.

Your nursing scholarship essay needs to clearly demonstrate every one of the points above, it needs to do so in a way that actually shows the reader why, don’t just tell them, show them. You also need to ensure that you reflect the needs of the awarding body, review their goals and values to ensure that what you write fully matches their expectations. Where possible use similar language to what they use within their paperwork or on their website.

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