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Personal Statement for CNS Programs

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Top 5 Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) Programs

  • University of North Carolina: With the acceptance rate of nearly 63 % the nursing school of University of North Carolina is considered as the best clinical nursing program.
  • Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore: It is one of the best institutions in the country. The nursing school of the university has high tuition fee and its acceptance rate is 50%.
  • University of Michigan: The nursing school associated with University of Michigan is considered as the best. The enrollment is usually less than 300 students and its accredited from CCNE and NCACS.
  • University of Virginia: This school of nursing offers different degree level programs. With well-developed curriculum, it is accredited from NCACS, CCNE and SACS – COC.
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia: It is the best nursing program and best nursing administration program. The acceptance rate is more than 55%.

writing personal statement for cns programs

What to Include in the Personal Statement for CNS Programs

cns programsClinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) programs, as well as CNM nursing program or DNAP program, will require applicants to submit a personal statement as part of the application process. As with other nursing programs, CNS programs usually have more applicants than openings. CNS programs online still involve live classroom activities at times so space isn’t unlimited. Entry to programs is competitive.

Personal statements are an additional tool used to help in selecting applicants to programs. School records and employment history provide information on applicant’s academic skills and experience. The personal statement is meant to provide information on applicant’s commitment, motivation and other hard to measure personal traits. This is important indeed, as gives you a chance to stand out even if your records were not as outstanding as you wish.

Personal statements for CNS programs should address the following:

  • Why do you want to be a CNS? When did your interest in this area start? What initiated it and how you are developing it now?
  • Why you want to be in the particular program. There are pediatric CNS programs, CNS programs for the elderly, and CNS programs related to disease management to name just a few. What caused you to choose the one you did?
  • What some of your career plans in the field are the short and long term.

Mistakes to Avoid in Personal Statements for Pediatric CNS Programs

The personal statement isn’t the only factor involved in being accepted into CNS programs but it does carry some weight. There are some common mistakes many applicants make in their personal statements that are easy to avoid. These include:

  • Underestimating the importance of the personal statement and/or not giving yourself enough time to do a good job. Personal statements are generally around 500 words but can be very difficult to get right. It isn’t unheard of for applicants to spend a month or so writing one.
  • Using long, complicated sentences and big words in an effort to impress. It doesn’t work, and in many cases indicates that the writer doesn’t have anything to say. Use concise sentences and easy to understand language.
  • Making general statements or being vague. Admissions boards want specific answers and examples.
  • Failing to proofread. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors indicate that the writer didn’t care enough to check.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your personal statement for a CNS program, our personal statement writing service can help.

Expert Advice Regarding Personal Statement for CNS Programs Writing

  • Be original and don’t write anything which is not correct. You can narrate things in an interesting way but avoid over exaggeration.
  • Make your personal statement for CNS as interesting as you can. You can write a funny SoP too.

About Our Personal Statement Writing Service

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If you want to become clinical nurse specialist, writing personal statement is compulsory. We can help you in a number of ways:

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