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Personal Statement for DNAP Programs

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Benefits of Career of Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice

Among all nursing programs, DNAP programs are considered the highest qualification in nursing career. Following are the benefits of getting admission into DNAP program and become a certified DNAP nurse:

  • The ability of critical thinking which is obligatory in nursing career
  • Can start the clinical practice
  • Professional nursing abilities
  • Ability to handle emergency cases efficiently
  • Very good salary and fringe benefits
  • Highest job opportunities in top ranked healthcare centers
  • Job opportunities as a teacher in top-class nursing institutes
  • A good source of promotion both for scholarship and evidence based practice
  • Proficient in advanced nursing practices
  • Equally good in clinical practice as well as business and management of health care centers

dnap program personal statement writing

Purpose of the Personal Statement for DNAP Programs

dnap programsApplicants to a DNAP program (Doctorate of Nurse Anesthesia Practice) will have to write a personal statement as part of the application process. The answers provided will be used to try and gauge how strongly an applicant is committed to completing the program by looking at their motivation. Your personal statement must convince admissions you are qualified and committed to be in the program.

Admissions boards for DNAP programs want personal statements to answer the following questions:

  • Why do you want to enroll in a DNAP program? Why did you choose this DNAP program? What specifically about this program attracted you?
  • What do you expect to gain from a DNAP program? What are some specific career goals you have related to the program?
  • What makes you qualified to be in the program? They are looking for character traits and skills that aren’t easily quantified, and that aren’t reflected in other documents.

Tips and Suggestions for Writing a DNAP Personal Statement

Personal statements for DNAP programs are usually around 500 to 600 words, but it makes take days or even weeks to get it right. The following tips and suggestions will help in writing an effective personal statement:

  • Make sure you answer the questions but don’t waste space repeating the questions. Admissions already know what the questions are.
  • Be specific. General or vague statements hurt your chances. They want to know specifically why you want to be in their DNAP program. If you can’t tell them why they certainly won’t have a problem saying why you were rejected.
  • Be interesting. Use a personal anecdote to make your points. It doesn’t have to be exciting. Something that shows you as an individual and provides background on your motivation will do. Stories are memorable.
  • Simple sentences that get directly to the point are best.
  • Proofread your work for any grammatical or spelling errors. They are unacceptable.

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Expert Advice Regarding Personal Statement Writing

Following is the expert advice for all those persons, who are going to start writing personal statement for DNAP program.

According to Karen Pichlmann, Head of Admissions – Bournemouth University “Don’t write the long paragraphs of your personal statement. Make the paragraphs well-structured to experience the extra qualification and well defined aspirations.”

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