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Writing DNP Personal Statement

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How Important Is the DNP Personal Statement for Being Accepted into a Program?

dnp personal statementWhen you apply to a DNP program (Doctor of Nursing Practice), one of the admissions requirements will be a DNP personal statement. How much influence the personal statement will have on being accepted into a program varies from school to school. Regardless of the program, under the right circumstances it can be the deciding factor. Most DNP programs have more applicants than available openings.

When two applicants have similar qualifications, the final decision may rest on your personal statement. A DNP online program still has to limit the number of students, as there are some portions of the program that will require live attendance. Approach the writing of your personal statement as if it will be the deciding factor.

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What Should I Include in My Personal Statement for DNP Online Program?

Admissions boards expect several questions to be answered in applicant’s personal statements. Your personal statement should answer the following questions:

  • Why have you chosen this field of study, and what was it that first attracted your interest? Specific answers are expected and it is important that specific answers be provided.
  • What qualifies you for the field? They are interested in skills and abilities that are not easily quantified, and not reflected in other documents.
  • Why this program? What specifically in this schools program made you apply here?
  • What are your future plans in the field and how does being accepted into the program specifically affect your plans?

Admissions use the answers to the above questions to get an idea of how strong of a commitment applicants have to completing a course. They make that determination based on how long you have been interested, what you have done to prepare yourself and if you are interested enough to have set future goals.

Whether it is a standard classroom program or a DNP program online, the school and its program is judged by the graduates they produce. They want students who are fully committed to gaining a DNP. If you are unsure how to write a DNP personal statement, the nursing personal statement service we provide can help.

10 Great Tips for Writing Your DNP Personal Statement

Writing DNP personal statement is not very easy. Usually, institutions have few seats for DNP and the competition is really tough for the admission in DNP program. Some DNP online programs also have good reputation. No matter in which DNP program you want to get enroll you have to write a good DNP personal statement. Here are few tips, which can help you:

  • Plan your statement first. Brainstorm with one of your family members and write all your positive traits and achievements on a paper. It will help you not to forget any important point.
  • Start your personal statement with an interesting event. It can be an inspirational story, which forced you to become a DNP. Write it in such a way that, it engages the reader right from the beginning.
  • Split your personal statement into different paragraphs.
  • Tell about your achievement in life and personal skills and characteristics but avoid being too personal.
  • Personal statement should not be very long. One and a half page is considered the standard. However, check with your university, they may have a word limit.
  • Like the beginning, the end should also be very interesting. It will leave a long-lasting impression on the minds of the reader.
  • Don’t overexaggerate things, that they turn into a lie. Rather explain them in an interesting way.
  • Give proper time to your personal statement, don’t write in hurry.
  • Edit your personal statement properly.
  • Ask a friend or senior to proofread for you.

Expert Advice Regarding DNP Statement Writing

If you are applying for the DNP program online or in a local university, you have to give special attention to your personal statement. Here are few pieces of advice from experts:

  • It’s important to mention your future goals in your personal statement. Connect them with DNP.
  • Write a unique personal statement for every institution you are applying to. You can write a good personal statement and can make a few changes when you apply to another institution.

About Our Nursing Personal Statement Writing Service

We offer personal statement writing help for all types of nursing programs including DNP programs. Our professional writers are skilled and have extensive experience writing DNP personal statements or nursing personal statement. They know how to word your personal information in the way that will best make the case for your acceptance into a program. We guarantee that the personal statement we provide meets all of your requirements and is delivered on time. We not only have affordable rates, but also discounts available. Our 24/7  customer support is always there to assist you!

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Benefits Using Our Professional Help

We offer help to the students who are struggling with their personal statement. If you use our services, you can enjoy number of advantages:

  • We have expert writers from the DNP background. They know all the requirements of personal statement and can write a perfect one for you, which will increase your chances to get enrolled.
  • Our experts can save a lot of your time, which you can use in some other important job.
  • We will save a lot of your effort by writing your personal statement.
  • You will get a perfectly formatted document.

For a compelling DNP personal statement that makes the right impression, contact us for all of your personal statement needs!

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