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What Everyone Ought to Know about Veterinary Nursing Personal Statement


Why Might You Need Help with Your Veterinary Nursing Personal Statement?

As part of the application process, you will be required to provide a child nursing personal statement or for UCAS which shows an admissions committee or potential employer how you stand out from other potential candidates. Many people seek this career path as it offers a wide variety of placements, not just in a veterinary clinic but also research establishments, laboratories, universities, colleges, zoological or wildlife parks, charities, pharmaceutical companies and breeding/boarding kennels which all offer extremely competitive salaries.

So your personal statement needs to positively highlight facts about you instead of just your grades as it will often be the deciding factor in any decision made about your acceptance.

Your personal statement is probably the most important part of your application requirements as it gives you the chance to sell yourself, show your suitability for the program that you are applying to and how they will benefit from offering you a place. Writing at this level is not easy and many people fail to adequately sell themselves. Veterinary nursing personal statement examples are easy to download from the internet and are a good source of information which can help to enhance the quality of your own writing. Although always be careful not to copy directly from them.

writing veterinary nursing personal statement

Veterinary Nursing Personal Statement Examples

Your personal statement for veterinary nursing will usually be written in response to prompt and specific questions that will require you to think carefully before you start any writing.

Start by creating an outline by using our examples to help get you thinking:

  • Why are you applying for this particular placement? What makes it appealing and why you’re the right candidate for them?
  • What skills and experience you already have in veterinary nursing and why they make you a suitable candidate.
  • Where do you see your nursing career taking in the future you and why it’s important to you?
  • Tell them about the person writing the statement. What are your interests? Your hobbies etc. and do they coincide with your chosen career path? They will be looking to form a picture of your overall personality.
  • What inspired you to choose this particular career path of veterinary nursing and what do you expect from it?
“It might sound really obvious that a personal statement for veterinary science should include animals. But not everyone remembers. Sometimes people focus very much on the science side of things, without ever really mentioning animals” Vikki Cannon, head of admissions and recruitment at the Royal Veterinary College.

Your newly qualified nursing personal statement should flow like a story, compelling a reader to read through to the end and not put it down halfway through due to a lack of interest. To this end, keep in mind the following points:

  • Start your personal statement with a hook that is relevant and gets the reader’s attention and makes them want to read on.
  • Always write within the required word count for the application that you are making, usually between 1 and 2 pages but you should always check the specific expectations that you are applying to.
  • Always write in a very concise manner, you should never use any form of filler within your writing.
  • Be relevant. If it does not directly benefit your application then you should not be including it in your statement.
  • It should always be about you, your plans and skills and nothing and no one else, do not even include quotations.
  • Never exaggerate your abilities or lie about yourself or any parts of your biography in any way.
  • Never plagiarize, it will be spotted and you will lose any possible chance of acceptance.
  • Always avoid the use of clichés or slang within your personal statement or any other paper.
  • Carefully proofread, even a single spelling mistake will project the impression that you do not care enough about your application.

writing personal statement for veterinary nursing

How Our Veterinary Nursing Personal Statement Service Works

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